Why Invest in a Quality Childbirth Class?

Have you ever wondered WHY you should invest in a childbirth class??

But, not just any childbirth class, a class that will help you build confidence and trust in your body, your baby and Nature’s way of birthing. A class that will enable you to feel more empowered and engaged to act as an advocate for yourself and your baby.

This is not a time you’ll want to surrender yourself or your body to the decisions someone else will make for you.The day you bring you precious baby into the world will undoubtedly be one of the most significant days of both of your lives! It is a memory that lasts a lifetime for each of you. It can shape how you parent, how you view yourself as a mother and how your baby perceives the world around them.

The more you plan and prepare for this extraordinary day, the more likely the chances are that you won’t walk away with a heap of regrets, or as I like to call them, the “shoulda, coulda, woulda regrets” that can follow. Instead, you just might be one of “those” moms who rave about how calm and beautiful their birth experience was! That is my intention….to help you celebrate the birth of your baby!

You only get one chance to grow a healthy baby within your womb. And, there is only one chance to birth them in the most calm, serene and gentle way that you can imagine, but it means investing the time, the energy and even some money to ensure you are getting a quality education to help you achieve your happiest birth!

I’ve been teaching for over 16 years and have personally used all of the Gold Standard techniques to birth both of my children, so I KNOW they work. I’m passionate about supporting each and every family I have the privilege and honor of working with during one the most important times in their lives. I’m inviting you to invest in your education in how you will welcome your precious little one!Please reach out to Denby if you want to be one of “those” moms! I am here and ready to support you every step of the way!!!

New classes are always forming!

Next 5 Week Online Class begins 10/25.

Contact Denby for more info: 803-667-1371 ~ hypnobirths@yahoo.com