What are YOUR Dreams for 2012???

There’s something so exciting about  the start of a New Year, isn’t there?  It is a fresh, clean start where ANYTHING is possible!  That feeling of  hope and anticipation for what’s to come seems to be reignited in our souls.  And, if you’re expecting a baby, well, then I know you know that feeling!  I also know that along with that excitement, you may also be faced with fears of the unknown.  That’s where I can help!

I understand that fear is ultimately the one thing that can stand in our way of living out our dreams, whether that’s to experience a calm, gentle, peaceful birth experience, or to pursue a new career or anything else you might secretly wish for yourself.  Perhaps you’re still trying to fulfill last year’s New Year resolutions to lose weight or quit smoking?!?
Let 2012 be the year you address those fears once and for all and live your life to the fullest….NO holds barred!!  YOU deserve it!  So, are you ready to own your experience and make those dreams come true??  Don’t let fear stand in your way for another minute!  You CAN do this, and I am committed to helping you every step along the way!
Self-hypnosis is such a wonderful and powerful tool to do just that!  If you’d like to learn more about how you can transform your birth experience and/or your life, please give me a call or email me.  I would love to help you eliminate those road blocks that prevent you from experiencing all of the JOY life has to offer!

Denby Beauchamp, CHt, HBCE, CHBE
Certified Clinical Hypnotist
Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner & Childbirth Educator
Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Instructor

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