Meet the Practitioner

Denby Beauchamp
HypnoBirthing® Practitioner & Childbirth Educator
Happiest Baby on the Block Instructor

Denby Beauchamp is a Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner and Childbirth Educator, teaching expectant parents techniques for a calm, safe, gentle and relaxed birth experience. HypnoBirthing® classes are unique in that they teach expectant parents how to eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome, rather than teaching women how to “cope” with the pain of labor. Picture dim lights, soft tranquil music, light touch massage and loving prompts from birth companions. Couples learn wonderful breathing and relaxation techniques that help shorten the duration of labor, how to achieve a natural start to labor as opposed to being artificially induced, as well as guidance in preparing their “Birth Preferences”, and everything in between to help restore their confidence and trust in their bodies and nature’s way of birthing. She is also certified to teach The Happiest Baby on the Block classes. Here, she shares the secrets of Dr. Harvey Karp on how to soothe crying babies in minutes….or less! AND, even extend their sleep by an extra 1-2 hours per night, and a whole lot more!
Denby learned about HypnoBirthing® just two weeks before her first child was born. Throughout her labor she felt only tightening and pressure-like sensations. She was so impressed with her experience, that she knew she had to get certified so she could share it with other women! She wanted women to know, “There’s a better way to birth our babies!” Now, she has been teaching HypnoBirthing® for over 7 years. She is extraordinarily passionate about empowering her mom’s by helping them realize that this is “their” body, “their” baby and “their” experience. She is committed to helping women become aware of their options, so they can make informed decisions, instead of walking away from their births with a heap of regrets. She is also dedicated to instilling calm and confidence in her couples, as they embark on what should be a very special journey for them and their families, not only in preparation for childbirth, but as new parents, as well, thanks to Dr. Karp and, The Happiest Baby on the Block!
Contact Info:
Denby J. Beauchamp, HBCE
HypnoBirthing Practitioner & Childbirth Educator
Happiest Baby on the Block Instructor
(803) 667-1371